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Date: 08/18/19 13:41
European Rail Pass Help Needed
Author: fredstout

My wife and I are planning on a three week trip to Europe next February. We plan to be centered in Switzerland but we do want to cover some of the other countries. We are looking at various options regarding rail passes. We are familiar with the Swiss Pass but we could use some help with the European rail passes. Specifically, we are getting two very different prices for a 22 consecutive day pass for two seniors the price between Eurail and Rail Europe is $600US !  What have we missed?

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Date: 08/19/19 10:37
Re: European Rail Pass Help Needed
Author: andersonb109

I normally use Rail Europe for my passes. So can't comment on the price differences. I know Rail Europe recently discontinued some passes. The best thing to do is figure out the individual countries you want to visit and then look for a pass that covers just those countries. Probably cheaper than a full Eurorail pass. If you only plan to take a few trains in one of the countries, it might be cheaper to buy indificual tickets there. 

Date: 08/19/19 10:51
Re: European Rail Pass Help Needed
Author: Duna

I've also used Rail Europe. Pass prices should be the same or very close between legit, approved vendors.

Individual tickets vs. pass(s)? Decision needs to based on the # of trips & origin-destinations, but a big advantage of a pass is flexibility. How much weight you put on that is personal.

Go for the 1st pass, it's worth the extra cost.

Date: 08/22/19 06:13
Re: European Rail Pass Help Needed
Author: ironmtn

I am planning a European trip and have also encountered differences between the Rail Europe site and other booking sites, particularly the individual railway sites. I did not take specific note of where the differences occurred, but my recollection is that passes where one area where a variance could occur. For my part, I agree with the other comments to look at individual fares as well as pass prices. I have found, depending on the itinerary, that there can be a considerable savings by using individual trip fares, or regional / national passes, as compared to the overall Eurail pass. This is the approach suggested by the seat61.com site (a great resource if you have not already used it), and I agree from my own experience.

Date: 08/22/19 09:49
Re: European Rail Pass Help Needed
Author: DoctorC


Please may I know your itinerar

I can try and help.

Kind regards, Dr T

Date: 08/27/19 19:42
Re: European Rail Pass Help Needed
Author: fredstout

We are developing it at the moment. I will respond when we have a better idea of our plans.

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