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Date: 08/25/19 12:01
Scenic Rail Journeys In Germany/Austria
Author: fredstout

My wife and I will be traveling to Switzerland in February ( we want to experience a European winter).  We are both train riders and our primary purpose in coming to Europe is to ride your trains and see some of your magnificent scenery.  We will have 3 or 4 days to tour. What would you suggest as the most scenic trips? We are thinking about using one city as a hub if that would work.
Thank you for your advice and counsel.

Date: 08/25/19 13:18
Re: Scenic Rail Journeys In Germany/Austria
Author: andersonb109

While certainly Germany and Austria have their share of scenic rail journeys, there are so many in Switzerland maybe consider going there as well? it's hard to narrow it down to just a few there are so many in such a small country. I'd start with the Glacier Express from St. Moritz to Zermatt. Or you can do portions of the same route with local trains. The Bernina Express route from St. Moritz down to Tirano in Italy is also great. In Germany, the ride down the Rhine is a classic but you must do it on the west side of the river on local trains. Most trains on the east side are express trains which are often in tunnels or behind sound barriers.  In Austria, the Brenner Pass down to Italy is quite scenic as well. If you like steam, then go to the former East Germany. There are several narrow gauge lines that still run steam passenger service on a daily basis...the Hartz Mountains (HSB) being the longest and most well known. I'm sure an Internet search will provide more info on each of these rides. And note, unlike the U.S.where Amtrak sometimes shuts down at the threat of significant snow, European trains seem much more suited to cold and snowy weather. Some trains even maintain traditional restaurant cars with food cooked on board. And last, to save time and an expensive hotel, note that overnight trains with sleepers are making a comback in Austria and Germany.  Routes and services can be found under the Nightjet brand. 

Date: 08/25/19 18:18
Re: Scenic Rail Journeys In Germany/Austria
Author: mundo

The Europpean Rail Timetable has a list of scenic rail routes in Europe.  You should start with that.  I do hope you obtain a copy for your schedule information, Get the December edition with the major annual schedule changes.

One area to consider is Munich-Rosenhiem-Salsburg.  Plus  just about anywhere in Switzerland.
Additional trains are expected between Munich and Zurich to assist in this area.

Date: 08/26/19 08:11
Re: Scenic Rail Journeys In Germany/Austria
Author: DavidP

The Arlburg route from Zurich to Innsbruck is stunning.  I’m not sure if this is still the case, but when I rode several years ago, at least one daily trip featured one of SBB’s glass-roof observation cars.  You can combine this with onward travel south from Innsbruck to Italy and return to Switzerland by some combination of either mainline or narrow gauge routes, all of which are fantastic.


Date: 08/26/19 08:46
Re: Scenic Rail Journeys In Germany/Austria
Author: fredstout

Shame on me for not making this clear: We expect to be in Switzerland most of the three weeks that we will be in Europe. We are very familier with the Swiss trains but we would like to branch out to include Germany, Austria or other scenic rides.
Thansk for the input.

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