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Date: 09/23/19 12:06
Swiss Transport Museum
Author: andersonb109

I wasn't sure where to post these but it is Europe so here goes. On my recent trip to Switzerland we had a morning at the excellent Swiss Transport Museum in Lucern. The museum is made up of about half railways but also has an excellent aviation/space exhibit and planetarium. I won't attempt to describe the various pieces of equipment. Just enjoy the photos and if you go, allow way more than the two hours we had there.

Date: 09/23/19 12:08
Re: Swiss Transport Museum
Author: andersonb109

Three More

Date: 09/23/19 12:11
Re: Swiss Transport Museum
Author: andersonb109

Last Three.  Probably the finest display of railroad equipment of any museum I've visited. Many model trains as well. More time was definitely needed. 

Date: 09/23/19 23:54
Re: Swiss Transport Museum
Author: krm152

Interesting photos.  The building housing the museum is impressive and is the most effective means for preserving railway equipment.
Thanks for the photo posting.

Date: 09/24/19 10:56
Re: Swiss Transport Museum
Author: boejoe

I passed alongside the museum on a train from Basel to Bellinzona via the old Gotthard Tunnel route.  On my bucket list for future visit.  Equipment stored outside alerted me to the facility.

Date: 09/29/19 03:33
Re: Swiss Transport Museum
Author: wpamtk

I went there twice, in 1968 and 2016, both times on very rainy days. The first visit found a lot of the railway equipment outdoors, but the second time saw the buildings greatly expanded and almost all rolling stock inside. It's an incredable place (both for rail and non-rail exhibits) and a fascinating spot to spend all day, especially in bad weather. I understand it's the most-visited museum in Switzerland. Among other things, I learned that Switzerland has both a navy and a merchant marine! 

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