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Date: 09/24/19 06:27
Irish freight - got it!!!
Author: ShortlinesUSA

Last week, based on 86235's intel, plus that from a local I encountered while there seeing nothing the previous week combined to make a successful second venture to the North Wall yard while in Dublin.  Couple that with some absolutely stellar weather, and I am really happy with how things went.

86235, I'd say trust the local.  He was the guy who told me right about 1500 for the IWT train coming back in.  We were a bit late getting in, and I bolted for the East Road bridge as fast as my legs would take me.  Got there at 1245.  The gates to Alexandra Road were open, which was an encouraging sign versus last visit.  And, the wait began...

Oddly enough, I encountered that same local around 1400.  He comes by on his bike.  He said he saw the IWT leave that morning with "the 74" and it should be in right around 1500.  He did give another data point-- if you see a few guys walk out of the yard office, the train is coming shortly.

After feeling like I had struck out again after 1500 rolled around with no movements, I noticed there were rail employees bailing out of the yard office and walking toward the bridge.  Sure enough, the IWT train rounded the curve seconds later.

The train pulled into the North Wall yard, ran around the train, and began switching the yard.  I was able to stay around until about 1600, and they were still switching cars around the repair shop when I left.

Photo attached shows the train pulling a few ballast hoppers out in the yard.  Thanks to all of you for your continued assistance as I explore the freight trains of Europe!


Date: 09/24/19 11:10
Re: Irish freight - got it!!!
Author: 86235

I'm glad you saw it. When I was there in summer 2017 the loco ran through from North Wall to Ballina, returning the following day, but based on what you saw they must swap power, presumably at Athlone, if 074 worked both the outbound and inbound train.

Date: 09/24/19 11:57
Re: Irish freight - got it!!!
Author: ShortlinesUSA

I wouldn't bet my bottom dollar on that loco swap if that's the pattern you've previously observed.  I'll admit even though we're both speaking English, there is still a bit that gets lost in translation with the local.  He may well have said he saw 074 go out the previous morning.  He was definitely saying it "should" have the 074 coming back the afternoon I was out there.

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