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Date: 10/02/19 18:13
SNCF X 3800 railcars
Author: eminence_grise

The SNCF had 251 of these diesel mechanical X-3800 railcars. They were unique because of the turret cabs from which they were operated. The driving cab is visible on the opposite end of the car. The engineer sat sideways in the half cab built above the baggage section/ engine room. Passengers liked them because there was a row of seats behind the rear windows. They were nicknamed "Picassos" in reference the artists depictions of people with noses at unconventional locations. 

This image was taken at Le Mans in 1969. These trains were out of service by 1986. The power cars were capable of hauling a single trailer.

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Date: 10/03/19 09:28
Re: SNCF X 3800 railcars
Author: PHall

Interesting place to put the "cab". That's thinking out of the box for sure.
Kinda like the operator's bubble cab on the Disneyland Alweg monorails.

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Date: 10/15/19 22:30
Re: SNCF X 3800 railcars
Author: mexrail

Saw a power car and trailer rusting away last week while on SNCF somewhere between Marseilles and Antibes


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