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European Railroad Discussion > FR: Trams in Le Havre

Date: 11/04/19 14:09
FR: Trams in Le Havre
Author: Lackawanna484

The city of Le Havre in western France is a major seaport and cruise terminal.  I had the opportunity to visit recently, and came away very impressed.

The US Army Air Corps and the Royal Air Force thoughtfully bombed much of the city to rubble, which allowed a new city plan to emerge.  The tram system runs very frequently, in midday trains appeared every 2-3 minutes.  I believe there are two lines.

The Place de Ville (city hall park) has the tram stop in front, and a major bus depot to the side. The port bus / tour bus / charter bus drop point is about two blocks away, so everything is very convenient.

Picture 1: In front of city hall

Picture 2: Looking west along the private right of way. This reminded me of New Orleans (Nouvelle Orleans?)

Date: 11/05/19 16:49
Re: FR: Trams in Le Havre
Author: milepost20

France has a remarkable number of modern tram systems including in Paris where they act as
feeders into the heavy rail Metro.  The following site has very detailed maps of these networks
(including a few from outside France):


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