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Date: 12/13/19 09:48
MUs around East Croydon
Author: 86235

A weekend in London gave me an opportunity to revisit old haunts I'd last seen in early 2017 before I retired. What was once commonplace is now exotic.

These were taken just south of East Croydon, an important interchange station about 10 miles south of Central London, on the mainline to Gatwick Airport and Brighton.

1: Three examples of Bombardier's ubiquitous Electrostar EMU, that on the right is a Tattenham Corner train consisting of a pair of five car 377/6s. Emerging from East Croydon on the down main are a pair of four car 377/4s on a Littlehampton and Ore semi-fast and on the left a pair of 387s on Gatwick Express duty heading to London Victoria.

2: A pair of Thameslink Siemens built class 700s. These come in either eight of 12 car sets with no intermediate car ends.

3: The oddball service through Croydon is the hourly DMU to Uckfield. Uckfield is a small town in the Sussex weald, about 45 miles south of London. Once an intermediate stop on an alternative route between London and Brighton, since 1969 it's been the end of the line, supporting an hourly service in each direction, which today terminates at London Bridge, Victoria not having any equipment to cope with diesel exhaust from the class 171 Turbostars.

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Date: 12/13/19 12:16
Re: MUs around East Croydon
Author: F7sForever

Very nice! When my wife and I were in the UK in 2017, we flew out of Gatwick, so I had the opportunity to ride the Siemens Desiro trains, and also photographed several of the Bombardier and Siemens trains at London Bridge station before we boarded. Quite a variety of trains to be seen there; it was a good hour of train watching.

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Date: 12/13/19 20:35
Re: MUs around East Croydon
Author: krm152

Excellent photos and video.  Thanks for your posting.

Date: 12/13/19 21:20
Re: MUs around East Croydon
Author: gaspeamtrak

Nice as usual !! :):):)
Thank you for sharing !!! :):):)

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