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Date: 12/18/19 16:53
Help Needed
Author: CNStratford

Good Day
I am going through a collection of pictures accumulated over 60 years.  This is the only one without information.  Can anyone from  Norway help me?  Ozzie?  Thanks.

Date: 12/18/19 19:24
Re: Help Needed
Author: PHall

Between the Smoke Lifter wings and the angled pilot deck cover it looks like they really want to make sure the smoke from the smoke stack goes up!

Date: 12/18/19 22:31
Re: Help Needed
Author: dwatry

There's a big Wikipedia writeup on these NSB 2-8-4 locos.


Date: 12/20/19 00:09
Re: Help Needed
Author: 1-12016

picture off dovregubben no 463 shown at oppdal when the engine was built in 1936. seven locos were  built. first three in 1936 and the other four during the war . all retired by 1958 when the european F-7 took over passenger service on the dovre line. These engines were used in  psgr svce berween trondheim and otta because of the 2 percent grade off the dovre line. one unit no 470  is  in the railway museum at hamar

ozzie korsnes
sapringen 29b
trondheim norway

Date: 12/20/19 05:26
Re: Help Needed
Author: CNStratford

Thanks for the help.

Date: 12/20/19 14:38
Re: Help Needed
Author: 1-12016

glad to  help out

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