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European Railroad Discussion > FS Italy, Milan & Venezia 1991

Date: 12/30/19 05:33
FS Italy, Milan & Venezia 1991
Author: thebluecomet

Didn't have much time for trains while in Italy, so this is somewhat limited. 
Although we were driving and parked in the huge garage outside Venice, I made a quick visit to the station.  Girlfriend was very anxious to see the city.  We did have a great two days here.

Date: 12/30/19 05:38
Re: FS Italy, Milan & Venezia 1991
Author: thebluecomet

Only spent one day in Milan.  Definitely not as nice as Venice.  Got accosted by the gypsy kids and found most parts of the city rather dirty. Not a good impression.  Ran over to the station before breakfast for few quick shots before we headed north to Switzerland.


Date: 12/30/19 06:51
Re: FS Italy, Milan & Venezia 1991
Author: F7sForever

Enjoying the spindly little pantographs on the equipment. Have wanted to visit Venice some day before it sinks into the bay.

Looking forward to seeing Switzerland photos.

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Date: 12/30/19 08:58
Re: FS Italy, Milan & Venezia 1991
Author: Lackawanna484

The train ride into Venice is one of the great rides.  You feel like you are out to sea, on the trestle, and the trestle suddenly turns southward. And, several Venetian islands are sitting like a cloud on the water. With spired churches, and pastel houses.

When you walk through the 1950s era station, you emerge onto the embankment of the Grand Canal, with gondolas and pickpocketers everywhere.

Date: 01/05/20 11:22
Re: FS Italy, Milan & Venezia 1991
Author: cricketer8for9

I love seeing older electric photos. Takes one back to a time when locos and coaches seemed to rule the roost. It’s much more multiple unit now.

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