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European Railroad Discussion > Poland Part 1: Boarding the Mazovia in Ystad Sweden

Date: 01/31/20 01:03
Poland Part 1: Boarding the Mazovia in Ystad Sweden
Author: gobbl3gook

Hi All, 

Two years ago I was posting photos from an adventure in Central Asia and Eastern Europe.  

In 2019 I went back to Eastern Europe, and will start posting a new series of photos.  

Poland, Part 1.  Ferry from Ystad to Świnoujście

I flew into Frankfurt, Germany and spent 2 weeks traveling with friends from Portland.  We visited Utrecht, Netherlands, Bremen Germany and Copenhagen Denmark.  I rode a lot of trains, and railfanned along the Rhine River by bicycle.  But, since Western Europe is more frequently visited by American tourists, I'll start the travelogue with my transition into Eastern Europe.  At the end maybe I'll catch up with photos from Germany, etc.  

My Portland friends flew back to the US, and I spent 2 days visiting another friend in Malmo, Sweden.  Then it was a 1 hour train ride to the Port of Ystad, where there were departures to Poland.  I pedalled the last 15 kilometers on a seaside path, since the train line was out of service, and purchased a ticket for myself and my bicycle on the PolFerries Line to Świnoujście, the northwesternmost city in Poland.  It is on the Baltic Sea, at the German border.  

I'm posting the ferry photos out of general transportation interest.  We'll be back to trains soon.  

1) Another ferry departing Ystad, as seen approaching Ystad from the seaside bike path
2) Ferry schedule, posted at ticket office. It's always a good idea to take a photo of any train or ferry schedule you see, anywhere.  Just in case you might need the information down the road somewhere.  
3) Boarding the Mazovia.  I get a bit of a rush riding onto a ferry on my bicycle... 

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Date: 01/31/20 01:12
Re: Poland Part 1: Boarding the Mazovia in Ystad Sweden
Author: gobbl3gook

4) Bike parking on ferries is usually just inside one of the loading doors, where there's a little triangle of space for hardware stowage, and bicycles.  
5) Poster onboard -- the older ferries had much classier lines than the Mazovia, but they had long since been taken out of service.  I appreciated the photo tribute, though.  
6) Sailing from Ystad.  


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Date: 01/31/20 01:23
Re: Poland Part 1: Boarding the Mazovia in Ystad Sweden
Author: gobbl3gook

7) Boarding the train to Ystad (almost to Ystad) in Malmo.  Malmo station has trains leaving every 5 minutes or so, to all parts of the country.  Regional trains depart every 30 minutes.  Very impressive.  Makes the Amtrak Cascades look pretty pathetic, with only 2 Talgos trom Portland to Eugene each day.  (Why the fuss with "High Speed Rail" in the Pacific Northwest???  All they need to do is run Cascades on 1 hour headways all day long, and they'll run them full!).  

I didn't take any photos of the train ride or departure.  I was a little under the weather, and it seemed a little mundane... However, I wish I had photos now!  

8) It's hard to get a decent shot of a giant ferry.  There's always buildings and things alongside the piers.  This is the best I could do.  

Next, Crossing the Baltic Sea on the Mazovia

Photos from Sept 28, 2019.  

Ted in OR
Trainorders.com poster since 1998

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Date: 01/31/20 11:45
Re: Poland Part 1: Boarding the Mazovia in Ystad Sweden
Author: King_Coal

Good to see you out and about again. Looking forward to the trip.

Date: 01/31/20 15:52
Re: Poland Part 1: Boarding the Mazovia in Ystad Sweden
Author: F7sForever

Curious to know more about your travel by bike. Did you bring it with you from the US, or rent/buy there? How did it all work? Thanks for sharing the photos. Can't wait to see more!


Date: 02/01/20 03:42
Re: Poland Part 1: Boarding the Mazovia in Ystad Sweden
Author: gobbl3gook

Hi Jody, 

I brought my bike with me.  No oversize luggage fees for bikes on American Airlines.  And, I think, Alaska or Delta.  I like to have a good fitting bike if I'm going to be covering a lot of ground!  

I love traveling by bicycle, train and ferry.  So that's what I do.  It takes some logistical sleuthing sometimes, but if you have a little time, patience and like a good adventure, you can go through many countries this way.  

I had done a fair bit of bicycle touring in the US before my first trip to Europe in 2015.  And it is much, much easier there.  In most of Europe there are wonderful paths everywhere.  And regional trains leaving every hour or so with places to stash a bike.  On this trip I took 48 individual train rides over 2 months.  And another 20 or so just for fun, back and forth on a pretty line, or cruising around a city.  

The first page on the Kazahstan story also has a bit more about my mode of operation... 

Always feel free to ask questions!

Ted in OR

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