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European Railroad Discussion > Landslip causes French TGV train to derail

Date: 03/05/20 06:47
Landslip causes French TGV train to derail
Author: choodude

A French high-speed TGV train derailed early Thursday while travelling from the eastern city of Strasbourg to Paris, an accident caused by the collapse of an embankment that seriously injured the driver and 20 others, state rail operator SNCF and local authorities said.


Another picture of the landslip


Date: 03/05/20 10:01
Re: Landslip causes French TGV train to derail
Author: railstiesballast

A brief video clip (on BBC or CNN?) showed the lead locomotive off to the right about 20 degrees, foul of the opposite track (the SNCF runs left-handed) and the rest of the cars upright and in line with the track.
The front was banged up and the driver was hospitalized, 21 other passenger injuries but none life-threatening.
For about 3 seconds an aerial image showed what appeared to be a series of sunkinks, I suspect the first one derailed the lead wheels then that knocked around the track for 2-4 car lengths.
I had expected to see piles of dirt on the track but this slide apparently shifted under the track
Note about five earlier posts: heavy rain and flooding also plagued the British network.
All in all a better than expected outcome for derailing at track speed (186 mph, but reduced by the initial brake application by the driver).
I rode that line once but the details get blurred by speed and (my) age.

Date: 03/06/20 10:54
Re: Landslip causes French TGV train to derail
Author: ATSF3751

Given the train was operating at high speed,  the low number and seriousness of passenger injuries is quite remarkable. Hopefully the engineer will make a full recovery

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