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Date: 03/09/20 15:23
St Petersburg Request - Interesting Rail Sites
Author: stanhunter

Hi.  My wife and I will be in St Petersburg, Russia, in late August for a few days, and I'm interested in knowing if there are any particularly interesting rail- or transit-related sites in the area.  I know about the Electric Transportation Museum, and plan to visit it.  I also know there are many miles of tram lines.  Is there anything else I should be aware of?  Any especially interesting photo locations?

Thanks in advance!

Stan Hunter
Fair Oaks, CA

Date: 03/09/20 17:18
Re: St Petersburg Request - Interesting Rail Sites
Author: tramfan

I am sure that you are probably aware of it but also ride the Metro to view the ornate subway stations. The Admiralteyskaya station uses two escalators to reach the station underground at 282 feet, the deepest in the system. Try to get an extra token keep as a souvenir.

Date: 03/10/20 03:48
Re: St Petersburg Request - Interesting Rail Sites
Author: andersonb109

There is an railway museum at the former Warsaw Station. All exhibits are located outside in excellent condition. The city also has many monumental railway stations. As seen below.  1. Moskovsky Station. 2. Vitebsky Station with a plinthed loco outside. 3. Warsaw Station. Now a shopping center with the museum located out back behind the train shed. There are two others as well that I only have slides of:  Baltic, which is located near the previous two mentioned. And Finlandia which is across the water from the city Center. 

Date: 03/11/20 10:36
Re: St Petersburg Request - Interesting Rail Sites
Author: Duna

Date: 03/12/20 09:06
Re: St Petersburg Request - Interesting Rail Sites
Author: pkwlsn

Duna shared the thread in which I recently covered railfanning in Russia pretty extensively. Since then I've had the chance to check out the Ruskeala Express North of Saint Petersburg.  It's definitely doable as a daytrip if you're willing to leave early in the morning and come back late in the evening.
The one location I didn't mention in the other thread is mostly for the brave traveler. The roundhouse at which steam is serviced and restored in Saint Petersburg is far from a tourist object, but you'd probably find one or two engines under steam if you stopped by on any given day. If they're not at the roundhouse then that means they're either doing revenue switching duty in the yard or running some other sort of errand around town. When I stopped by in January I befriended the engine crew and was invited to ride along in the cab to the local coaling yard for refueling. I do speak Russian though, so it's much easier for me to explain myself at places like this.
You can find the roundhouse on Google maps here.  You would have to walk from Lomonosovskaya metro station and then take the spiral staircase on the overpass. There's a guard booth with a turnstile to the the roundhouse territory, but just walk through it boldly like you belong there... Like I said, this obtion is for the more brave traveler.
Don't hesitate to send me a PM if you have any specific questions.

Date: 03/12/20 21:29
Re: St Petersburg Request - Interesting Rail Sites
Author: stanhunter

Looks like I have plenty to do while there. Thanks everyone for the feedback.


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