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European Railroad Discussion > Poland, part 7. Wolsztyn museum grounds

Date: 06/15/20 18:16
Poland, part 7. Wolsztyn museum grounds
Author: gobbl3gook

Wolsztyn has been known for years as the last holdout of steam powered passenger service.  

As I've mentioned before, I don't like to do a lot of research before traveling, but Wolsztyn had been on my radar for a while, I probably read about it here on Trainorders.  

And fall 2019 appeared to be the last season of regularly scheduled steam passenger trains.  So it was on my list.  

I arrived in town around dusk.  I visited the only hotel, and it was booked up.  I had my camping equipment, and there was a forest just behind the roundhouse, I figured that would be a good enough place to stay for a night or two.  

The museum said "closed" but the gates were open, and people were milling around.  

I couldn't help but notice that the railway workers dorm had a "Sleeping Rooms" sign on it.  

After wandering into the office, and doing a little pantomiming, I had booked a room with private bath for 2 nights, about $15/night, and I had the run of the yards, shops, and roundhouse.  

(I should also note -- before pantomiming, take piece of paper and write down what you want.  "Sleep 1-October - 3-October" or something.  I always do this at train stations -- write down the train number, departure time, departure date, and your destination city.  Don't even try talking.  It makes if a much less harrowing experience for the ticket-seller to not need to mentally guess at what you're saying in real-time)

1) Passenger cars, ready for the next day's train

2) Locomotive, steamed up

3) The room was just fine -- double bed (with the ill-fitting sheets ubiquitous in Eastern Europe), a private bath with shower, and access to the kitchen across the hall. 


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Date: 06/15/20 18:19
Re: Poland, part 7. Wolsztyn museum grounds
Author: gobbl3gook

4) Railway Workers Hotel, photographed later

5) The kitchen had the best view (taken during daylight).  I like being able to cook my own buckwheat and eggs...

6) And there were pretty gardens and a grocery store nearby.  

I ended up staying 4 nights and 3 days.  Enjoying seeing the steam trains coming and going, seeing the cultural sights of Woltsztyn, and riding some trains.  It was cold and often rainy, so it was an excellent place to kick back for a few days and enjoy living on-site at a steam locomotive facility.  

Comments, observations, questions? 

Next post, riding the morning train to Leszno

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Date: 06/16/20 00:09
Re: Poland, part 7. Wolsztyn museum grounds
Author: ts1457

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. 

Looks like an amazing place.

Date: 06/16/20 08:05
Re: Poland, part 7. Wolsztyn museum grounds
Author: andersonb109

Can't think of any other accomodation that has a view of steam like that. Hopefully funding will continue for this unique operation. 

Date: 06/19/20 00:05
Re: Poland, part 7. Wolsztyn museum grounds
Author: CM80-46

The Polish bees must like that incredible flower garden too!


Date: 06/19/20 00:08
Re: Poland, part 7. Wolsztyn museum grounds
Author: CM80-46

Looks clean! Nice and modern. Better then the last Motel 6 I stayed in and payed triple! And did not come with a kitchen!


Date: 06/19/20 06:24
Re: Poland, part 7. Wolsztyn museum grounds
Author: petmew

Thanks for all the photographs. It seem you enjoyed your stay there!

Is the tapwater in the kitchen still yellow-ish?


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