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Date: 07/16/20 03:00
European Railway Stations Part 1
Author: andersonb109

A few months ago I posted a "Where Is It" series on European railway stations. I only posted station photos with no obvious signage so as not to give away the location. That was followed by an "international....aka...non-European North American series.  So here goes the next series on European (including the U.K) stations that have locator signage, or are so well known most would have known their identity. This time I'll do it in alphabetical order by country. Here goes for number 1. Wein Westbahnhof. This was one of two major stations in Vienna along with the Ost Bahnhof. Opening of the new Haubtbahnhof resulted to far less traffic than previously, particularly international trains. . Lots of development around the station since my first visit in the late 1990's. This photo is from 2014. 

Date: 07/16/20 05:29
Re: European Railway Stations Part 1
Author: andersonb109

Two more, showing fecent development around the station and  the new food court in the center of the main hall. 

Date: 07/16/20 09:36
Re: European Railway Stations Part 1
Author: krm152

Unlike many railroad stations that appear formal, heavy, and dark.
This station on the other hand appears informal, light, and airy. 
Thanks for your interesting photo posting.

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