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Date: 07/27/20 02:52
European Railway Stations Part 13
Author: andersonb109

Continuing to Netherlands, this is the new Rotterdam Centraal. The previous station was completely re-built in part to accommodate high speed  trains from England. I've been to Netherlands more than any other country  if you count time spent at Schipol Airport. But I rarely leave the airport other than the Hilton across the street (It's not even necessary to go outside). But I made a brief visit to Rotterdam during a layover at Schipol to visit my train photography friend Ad who provided me with a city tour. A very interesting city with lots of unique and modern architecture. 

Date: 07/27/20 05:57
Re: European Railway Stations Part 13
Author: Bob3985

Nice photo and love how well groomed the gass is around the light rail.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 07/27/20 10:54
Re: European Railway Stations Part 13
Author: krm152

Nice to get to the Netherlands.  That new Rotterdam station is certainly different.
Thanks for continuing your interestuing series.
As an asise, only place I've been in the Netherlands is to Schipol Airport to change planes.
Since I was always a transit passenger, I don't think I've ever officially been in that country.

Date: 07/27/20 13:20
Re: European Railway Stations Part 13
Author: andersonb109

Ah, the "was I in the country question."  Remember in most of Western Europe you never receive  a passport stamp so are you officially in the country?  Once stamped in at say Schipol, you can (or at least could) travel to a multitude of other countries with no further checks. So to me, if I get off the plane and set food  on the ground, I'm in the country. Bonus points for buying something or having a meal.  But landing and not getting off the plane doesn't count.  On our India trip, we walked across the street into Natal. Looked at some shops (not the train kind) got back in the car and drove on. The actual border crossing was a mile or so down the road.  And no one ever gets a stamp or checked walking into the Vatican. I did miss get one fact wrong. Living near Detroit, of course I have been in and out of Canada more than any other country including my own. It so close we often don't think of it as a different country...with no offence meant to our Canadian neighbors. Lets hope the ability to do that resumes soon. Strange to be able to see it from my house and not go there.   Here's the previous Rotterdam Station stolen from the Internet taken by an unnamed photographer. I figure since the station's gone and there was no attribution, it's OK to post.

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