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Date: 07/28/20 11:04
Electric Blue
Author: Steinzeit2

About three weeks ago in the post 'Mission Electric' there was mention of the original shade of blue -- Electric Blue -- for the first BR AC electric locomotives.  Here are some photos of various members of classes AL1 through AL5, all taken in 1964, when they still had E3xxx numbers:

1)  E3082, an AL5, arriving at Piccadilly
2)  E3011, an AL1, departing
3)  E3012 and a sister AL1, at the south end of Stafford;  I like the contrast on either side.....

Another post to come.....


Date: 07/28/20 11:15
Re: Electric Blue
Author: Steinzeit2

The next two photographs were taken at Nuneaton, which at the time the photos were taken in August 1964, was the southernmost point for electric haulage of passenger trains to/from Liverpool or Manchester:

4)  An AL1 arriving with a Class 8 freight
5)  E3059, an AL5, and E3032, an AL3, awaiting their next duty north.  If the latter unit looks shorter, it's because it is, by about four feet [ and lighter by about a ton ] ;  the builders were given far more latitude than one might have thought.

With best regards,


Date: 07/28/20 12:14
Re: Electric Blue
Author: exhaustED

Really excellent shots - that was the best livery bestowed upon a UK electric locomotive in my opinion.

Great examples of the way train headcodes were also displayed on the front of trains back in those days.

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Date: 07/28/20 17:21
Re: Electric Blue
Author: dwatry

Great photos - that blue is an excellent color!

Date: 07/29/20 06:52
Re: Electric Blue
Author: 86235

Brilliant, far too few pictures of the original AC classes in their original condition. Thanks.

Date: 07/30/20 03:09
Re: Electric Blue
Author: 55002

Nice to see these. I agree with Nick, there is not a wealth of AC colour shots from that era. chris uk

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