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Date: 08/11/20 03:10
European Railway Stations Final Part
Author: andersonb109

I've run out of stations from the digital era. Here's Newton Abbot in southwest England. I changed trains there for Paignton both times for Timeline Productions excellent charters on the Dartmouth Steam Railway.  For those who enjoyed this and previous station series, I have lots of large USA.  station photos. But I feel like most on TO have either been there or have previously seen photos. So should I start a series? And if so where? I would think Nostalgia and History would be the best location or should it be Passenger Trains? There are some Canadian ones as well but not enough to justify a separate series. 

Date: 08/11/20 04:07
Re: European Railway Stations Final Part
Author: 4745

For those of us not from the USA., photos of American stations would be interesting.
Carry on with your travels please.

Date: 08/11/20 10:01
Re: European Railway Stations Final Part
Author: ironmtn

I have really enjoyed this series, as well as those on the International forum which finished up a few weeks ago. I haven't spoken up on these or the International series recently, and viewed many in catch-up "binge" mode. But they were no less enjoyable than looking at them day by day. It was really interesting to see all of these, and to study the highly varied design and architecture, which is a personal interest of mine.

Thanks much, Bruce, for the images and sharing your travels and experiences with us. From here, go where you want...it will all be good.

Muskegon, Michigan

Date: 08/11/20 10:59
Re: European Railway Stations Final Part
Author: krm152

Thanks for the great European Station series.  Enjoyed looking at each and every posting.
I think people would be interested in a USA series.  If photos are contemporary, within last ten years, I would post all including Canadian on the Passenger Trains board.
If older, would post them on the Nostalgia & History board.  Hope this is helpful.
Thanks again.


Date: 08/11/20 11:50
Re: European Railway Stations Final Part
Author: boejoe

Ditto to Allen's post.  Should be interesting.  Perhaps eliminate the quiz portion as likely there will be too many who recognize.

Date: 08/11/20 15:37
Re: European Railway Stations Final Part
Author: andersonb109

Thanks for all nice nice comments inc. PM's. he consensus is to post North American Stations. I eliminated the quiz element once International and European stations with no identification were exhausted. Makes no sense for American stations as many will more easily recognize. I think posting on the Passenger braid makes most sense. I went digital in 2007 so the oldest photos are 13 years old. I'll start Wednesday. 

Date: 08/12/20 13:51
Re: European Railway Stations Final Part
Author: rbenko

You ran out already??  Geez, you haven't been anywhere!!!

Thanks for a cool series.  Like I said on an earlier post, if I ever get to see a fraction of these stations before I croak, I'll consider myself well-traveled.

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