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Date: 08/20/20 10:12
More PBA TEE locomotives
Author: Steinzeit2

Back on August 2 I did a post on SNCB's 150 and 160 multi-voltage locomotives;  here's a look at the rest of the pool:

1)  The first French contribution was a pair of tri-voltage BB's in 1961;  originally numbered BB20004 and -05, they were quickly renumbered to BB26001/2, and finally to BB30001/2 when SNCF decided to have the first digit indicate the number of voltages.  They were clearly a version of the DC-only BB9400 class*, and except for the rooftop equipment and the top headlight looked just like them, with the same 'monomotor' [ one motor per truck ] bogies.  At about 70 tons they were 10 tons heavier than their siblings, but were still on the light side, and were rated at only 2140 kW;  the two gear choices gave them top speeds of 150 or 100 kph.  I think they disappeared about 1971, by when other power was available.  The photo was taken in 1966 at Brux South.

2)  In 1964 there appeared the first four of the CC40100's, which also had monomotor trucks, the first production CC machines to do so.  With 15 kV capability in theory they could also work Paris - Cologne, but in practice they 'never' ran to Germany, the exception being one rail tour during their farewell trips prior to retirement;  they seldom if ever went beyond Brussels even in their early days.  The first three were rated at 3670 kW, but the fourth had motors giving 4480 kW, and the first three were soon upgraded;  a further build of six more machines in 1969-70 were still more powerful at 5410 kW.  With a weight of 102 - 109 tons and top speeds of 160 or 240 kph -- the latter for test purposes only -- they were a much more satisfactory solution to not only the TEE's but also heavier trains, including the sleepers, on the Paris - Brussels run.  They were visually impressive, styled by Arzens [ who else ?!? ] to match the new PBA stock, and were the first example of his classic nose treatment with back-sloping windshields that went on all of the SNCF's higher powered electrics up to the Sybic era.  Internally though there was nothing that sophisticated about them as they used conventional resistance control of DC, with AC stepped down and rectified.
The photo was taken in August 1964 at Brussels South, the first time I saw one.

To be continued....


*Some sources in English show the BB9400's as being built in 1967-69;  the correct dates are 1959-63.

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Date: 08/20/20 13:52
Re: More PBA TEE locomotives
Author: Steinzeit2

The final member of the PBA loco club was the Belgian Class 18, which as can be seen were essentially copies of the 40100's.  There were six, built by Alsthom in 1973 with some mechanical contribution by BN [ Brugeoise et Nivelles SA ];  unlike their cousins, they were used not only between Paris and Brussels, but also into Germany, usually on the Ostend-Cologne axis.  The two photos, both taken at Brussels South, show the original appearance  [ more or less ] vs the blue with yellow trim version, the latter in 1988;  note the Indusi shoe for operation into Germany.

The genesis of these units is somewhat sad:  SNCB/BN/ACEC had plans for a six axle four voltage machine themselves [ a class 17 ? ], and I recall seeing sketches of it at the time;  as I recall the front end had a touch of DB E03 styling.  Then fate intervened:  An SNCF 40100 was virtually demolished in a grade crossing accident;  as it happened in Belgium, SNCB was on the hook to replace it.  Alsthom quoted a very high price to do a one-off, so much so that SNCB had little financial choice but to give in to France Inc and give them the order for the six machines to bring the total costs down.  At least BN / ACEC were able to apply some of their work to the big Class 20 Co-Co's, though 3kV only, that appeared a few years later.

For the benefit of the youngsters reading this, SNCB recycled the Class 18 number for its more recent purchases of Siemens four axle machines.

Best regards,

Date: 08/22/20 13:17
Re: More PBA TEE locomotives
Author: ironmtn

Wonderful post, excellent information and fine images on some of my favorite French and Belgian locomotives. To my great regret, I never got see any of them in the flesh. But I always greatly admired them in published photographs. Thanks for sharing all of this with us.

Muskegon, Michigan USA

Date: 08/22/20 17:55
Re: More PBA TEE locomotives
Author: Steinzeit2

ironmtn Wrote:
>......I never got see
> any of them in the flesh......

Well, you still can:
  -  CC40101 is a featured exhibit at Mulhouse, while a sister was kept by SNCF and is, if not still fully operational [ it was ], at least mobile, and is used for Patrimony Days, some tours, and the like;  I believe there is a third, somewhere.....
  -  The Belgian heritage group PFT / TSP have one each 15, 16,and 18, together with some other notable Belgian electrics, plus a nice collection of steam and diesel;  another 15 is a centrepiece at the National Rail Museum, plus an A8t restored to TEE state.

Also, just as an Addendum, I forgot to mention that all of the CC40100's received names, with the appropriate blazon, of French towns or cities;  the naming is usually a publicity event in the town concerned.  In the case of these locos, it was probably their first and last visit to some of those places, such as Cannes, Nice, Hendaye....

Best regards, SZ

Date: 08/23/20 12:04
Re: More PBA TEE locomotives
Author: ironmtn

Thanks for that information. Added to the destination / possible operating events list for a future visit. Whenever that might be...and probably not soon, unfortunately.

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