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Date: 08/30/20 05:16
Vassijaure, Sweden
Author: GPutz

This is the western most of three similar stations on the Malmbanan (ore railway) in nothern Sweden.  The others are Abisko Östra and Torne Trask.  They were built when the line was electrified in 1922.  They served as both electric sub-stations and passenger stations.  They are no longer electric sub-stations.  These pictures were taken 6/3/12.  Gerry

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Date: 08/30/20 12:20
Re: Vassijaure, Sweden
Author: Steinzeit2

I recall that Railroad Magazine  had a short article in one of their issues in the fall of 1939 that was a reprint of a recent journey a non-railroad journalist had taken over this line.  Railway employees told her [ I think it was a 'her'] that in retrospect this style of combined station + substation was a mistake, because it was too large and hence too easy a target for bomber aircraft.   Of course, in 1922, with The War to End Wars just concluded, that wasn't a consideration.

Best, SZ

Date: 08/30/20 16:13
Re: Vassijaure, Sweden
Author: GPutz

Thanks for the interesting comentary.  Note that Sweden has not been in a war since 1809.  Gerry

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