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Date: 10/28/20 21:18
Lübeck 1980
Author: dwatry

In 1980 I was backpacking around Europe by rail.  Lübeck was my last stop in West Germany (proper) before going to West Berlin and then on to East Germany.  Lübeck is in what was northern West Germany, and was right on the border with the DDR (East Germany).  Most rail traffic through Lübeck was on a north-south axis, going between Hamburg and Scandinavia, but there was also some east-west traffic going into the DDR.   All photos taken on 2 July 1980. 

1)  Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) Class 220 diesel-hydraulic on a southbound train - most likely headed to Hamburg.   The Class 220s and several other related classes were very similar to the British Rail Class 42/43 diesel hydraulic (Warship class) locomotives that were built in the UK under license.   Lübeck Hauptbahnhof (HBF) in the distance.

2)  Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR - the East German railway) Class 132 locomotive backing onto its train at Lübeck.  These locomotives were built in the Ukraine in the former Soviet Union and were very prevalent on the DR.  They were nicknamed "Ludmillas".   Some still operate today on the Deutsche Bahn, successor railway to both Deutsche Bundesbahn and Deutsche Reichsbahn, and on other railways such as the Bulgarian Railways.   For those not familiar with the former East German railway, the DDR retained the "Deutsche Reichsbahn" name for their railway from 1949-1993.

3) DR train D439 departing Lübeck for Stralsund, DDR.  I believe this was the only cross-border train to operate from Lübeck.  Berlin trains went from Hamburg through the border at Büchen, which was to the south of Lübeck. 

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Date: 10/28/20 21:21
Re: Lübeck 1980
Author: dwatry

4)  Double-headed Class 218 diesel-hydraulics on a northbound train coming into Lübeck.

5)  Another Class 218 diesel-hydraulic on a northbound train entering Lübeck.

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Date: 10/29/20 06:57
Re: Lübeck 1980
Author: Bob3985

Excellent photos. Thanks for sharing them.
As grandma would say "Ausgeseichnet"

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 10/29/20 09:09
Re: Lübeck 1980
Author: 55002

Lovely to see these. I missed out on the diesel era, only getting into Euro travels after all the wires went up. But, missed my German trip this year, missing train travel, Erdinger and currywurst!!  chris uk

Date: 10/29/20 14:18
Re: Lübeck 1980
Author: 86235

Excellent Duncan, I rode the corridor trains from Hamburg to Berlin and back a few times, it felt very strange leaning out of the window as the train passed through Wittenberg and Ludwigslust without stopping, knowing I couldn't get off and those on the platform couldn't get on without risking being shot.

Date: 10/29/20 18:32
Re: Lübeck 1980
Author: Peak45068

Great pictures.

I’ve had some great tours with the steam heat, Maybach engined V200 033 over the years.

The 218 shots remind me of days 218 bashing and then drinking too many beers in Munich, to then go back to the excellent Rid hotel in Kaufering, on the 2350 hours service to Buchloe. Great memories.

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Date: 10/30/20 01:22
Re: Lübeck 1980
Author: railsmith

Between 2003 and 2007 the station was completely rebuilt, with the arched trainshed totally dismantled. About 70% of the steel components were re-used in the rebuilt structure.

Electrified operation of the Hamburg-Lübeck and Lübeck-Travemünde Strand lines began in late 2008.

This view from 2014 is looking north, similar to photo 3.

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Date: 10/30/20 04:05
Re: Lübeck 1980
Author: andersonb109

Any shots of the front of the station? 

Date: 10/30/20 12:26
Re: Lübeck 1980
Author: railsmith

andersonb109 Wrote:
> Any shots of the front of the station? 

Yes. Here's a shot of the station front from 2014. The steam and diesel action below that is from 1962/63, at the north end of the station.

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