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Date: 10/31/20 16:27
BR Steam
Author: gbmott

OK, I got the message.  I'll post the remainder over time.  Here's one more set and I'll do a set every few days when I remember.  Glad folks enjoy them.  I met A. E. Brown one time, in Kansas City for a fan trip behind CB&Q 5632.  It was 1960 and I had just graduated high school.  He and I were staying with the same host so I visited with him quite a bit over a few days -- he never mentioned his time in the U.K.


1.  BR 5066 Sir Felix Pole - Newbury 5-56
2,  BR 34028 Eddystone - Worting Jct. 4-19-56
3.  BR 6000, King George V - Newbury 5-56 (with Cornish Riveria Express)

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Date: 10/31/20 17:04
Re: BR Steam
Author: King_Coal

Hard to believe Eddystone was rebuilt (and de-streamlined) after this 1960 view.

Three more fine photos.

Date: 11/01/20 01:28
Re: BR Steam
Author: 86235

Oh great, another wonderful set. Thanks. 

I think picture three rather than Newbury is actually 12 miles west, between Bedwyn and the pumping station a Crofton - given the lock / bridge, and it's taken from what's known as the Bridge to Nowhere. Of course back then the Kennet and Avon canal was derelict, restoration was only finished in the 1990s. 

That first picture with Sir Felix Pole shows a great selection of GWR passenger carraiges, mosty of the Toplight / Bow ended era pre-1935, the fifth and sixth cars are more modern, either what were termed sunshine coaches from the late 1930s (the first GWR general service carriages with large picture windows) or post war Hawksworths (he was the GWR's last Chief Mechanical Engineer).

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Date: 11/01/20 03:02
Re: BR Steam
Author: gbmott

Thanks for the location correction, and certainly everyone else please do the same if you spot errors.  In some cases the negatives were carefully marked, in other cases not.  I remember that identifying Grafton South Jct. involved a fairly lengthy email chain with a couple of English friends.


P.S.  Nice shot of the HST set -- I'm sure going to miss them.

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Date: 11/02/20 06:50
Re: BR Steam
Author: ironmtn

Thanks, Gordon, for sticking with posting these. I am sure we all will continue to appreciate Mr. Brown's fine work, and your efforts to share it with us. I'll look forward to the future posts. I like Mr. Brown's rather classical style of composition, and it will be interesting to see in future images how he sticks with it or deviates from it, and by how much.

Number 2 in  this set is the pick for me.  Put a Bulleid Pacific on the point anytime, especially wearing the "air-smoothed" casing, and I'm all in.

Muskegon, Michigan USA

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