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Date: 11/21/20 15:31
Bromsgrove incident
Author: Graybeard1942

Date: 11/22/20 11:21
Re: Bromsgrove incident
Author: DivergingClear

Thanks for posting that, really interesting.

In the U.S., its now considered to be an extremely serious rules violation for a crew member to have a personal electronic device switched on.  In fact, having it in your immediate possession, even if switched off, is forbidden.  (Except in an emergency, of course).  Is this also the case in the U.K.?

Date: 11/22/20 12:31
Re: Bromsgrove incident
Author: 86235

DivergingClear Wrote:
> Is this also the case in
> the U.K.?

Date: 11/22/20 12:34
Re: Bromsgrove incident
Author: petmew

"52 The driver’s use of his personal mobile phone was contrary to the DB Cargo ‘Mobile Phone Policy’, which states: ‘Personal mobile telephones must not be used whilst in the driving cab, or on or about the running line’." ...as per the report in the link below (which looks like I can't paste, sorry.):


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