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European Railroad Discussion > Train 82 arriving in Volovets, Ukraine

Date: 03/17/21 04:52
Train 82 arriving in Volovets, Ukraine
Author: gobbl3gook

I've been meaning to post photos and videos from a 2019 adventure in Eastern Europe.  But haven't been able to get photos and stories assembled for a full series.  So I think I'll post a few snippets instead.  

Volovets is at the south side of the Beskid Tunnel line through the Carpathian Mountains.  A very busy mainline with 14 overnight passenger trains, ten local passenger trains, and lots of freight.  

This is Train 82, Uzhorod to Kiev, arriving 3 minutes late on Oct 26, 2019.

Ted in OR 

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Date: 03/17/21 05:13
Re: Train 82 arriving in Volovets, Ukraine
Author: Bob3985

Thanks for the great video. That is a fairly long train.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 03/17/21 08:37
Re: Train 82 arriving in Volovets, Ukraine
Author: mile250

Long, clean, and apparently well patronized. Do you know the origin and destination?

Date: 03/18/21 02:43
Re: Train 82 arriving in Volovets, Ukraine
Author: gobbl3gook

Hi 520, 

Train was from Uzhhorod, in the SW corner of Ukraine, to Kiev, the capital, in the north-central.  

There are four daily pairs of trains from Uzhhorod to Kiev -- 81/82 and 29/30 are just Uzhhorod to Kiev.  And 03/04 and 046/045 go to destinations beyond Kiev -- one to Kharkiev, and one to a city near the Donesk region (would have gone to Donesk before the 2014 takover by Russia).  I think the train to the Donesk region is over 36 hours.  

Note from the schedule that 29 and 81 run the same route -- about 15 hours from Kiev to Uzhhorod, and they only run 1/2 hour apart.  And both are full.  

Hi Bob 

Yes, well patronized.  This is a small city, though is a jumping off point for outdoor recreation destinations.  But all of the 14 overnight trains that stopped here were either sold out, or close to it.  

I took 30 to Kiev, then came back two days later on 29 or 81.  I had to get my bunk about a day in advance.  

I imagine train travel is way down for the pandemic, but assuming things resolve themselves favorably you folks should all be able to travel to Ukraine and ride the rails to your hearts content, if you'd like.  Cost was about $20 for the 10 hour ride from Volovets to Kiev.  

Ted in OR

Map attached, showing Uzhhorod (origin/destination for all of the overnight trains in SW Ukraine) and yellow showing the route to Kiev, then orange showing the route of trains that go beyond Kiev.  

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Date: 03/18/21 15:10
Re: Train 82 arriving in Volovets, Ukraine
Author: kurtarmbruster

Handsome train, with none of your garish colors, unlike a certain neighbor to the east. Like that air whistle, too! Thanks for sharing, Gobbl!

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