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European Railroad Discussion > Overnight train, Lviv to Kraków

Date: 10/06/21 15:53
Overnight train, Lviv to Kraków
Author: gobbl3gook

1) Boarded at 11:59 pm.  

2) bicycle tucked on the top bunk.   I was on the middle bunk.  A woman going to an intermediate stop in Poland on the lower bunk. 

3) I always had kafir.  And tea.  I thought the new bike seat (bought the previous week in Slovakia) looked pretty good in this scene.

october 2016.    

Date: 10/06/21 15:56
Re: Overnight train, Lviv to Kraków
Author: gobbl3gook

4) always take a photo of the train schedule!  

5) detraining in Kraków.  We were (I think) the last car on a Przymsel => __? intercity train.  The lettering YKPAIHA" is "Ukraine" or "Ukraina"  in Cyrillic.  

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Date: 10/06/21 16:05
Re: Overnight train, Lviv to Kraków
Author: gobbl3gook

Bonus photos -- pretty park buildings. 

the park with the children's railway was a grand park, with lots of pretty monumental buildings.  In original condition!  And reasonably well-maintained.  

questions, comments, observations?  

ted in OR

Date: 10/06/21 19:08
Re: Overnight train, Lviv to Kraków
Author: krm152

Great scenes inside Eastern Europe; definitely a different world.

Date: 10/06/21 19:36
Re: Overnight train, Lviv to Kraków
Author: Train29

I've not seen that paint scheme on Ukrainian sleepers. Normally they are all blue with thin yellow stripes. I've not done that route but have done Warsaw to Kyiv. A great overnight experience complete with a trip through the boggie works and  a very friendly Ukrainian border guard who  upon giving my passport back to me said: "Welcome back to Ukraine." Much appreciated and much more than is typically offered by U.S. Border Protection when returning to my own country. And yes, Eastern Europe is still a completely different world than the western countries. And in some ways a better one.

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