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Date: 10/28/21 09:21
Autumnal trams in Budapest
Author: 86235

First European break since Feb 2020. The weather in Budapest this week is just wonderful, sun by day and clear by night. What could be better in October. No trains but plenty of light rail action, including Budapest's rather wonderful Tatra T5C5s.

1: A Ganz KCSV-7 on one of the routes which runs alongside the Pest bank of the Danube.
2: Another KCSV-7, these were built in Hungary, the initials stand for 'modernised articulated trams type 7'.
3: My favourites though are the Czech built (CKD) Tatra T5C5, over 300 were built for Budapest between 1978 and 1984. This pair is running on the Buda Bank of the Danube. They are bi directional twin car sets.

Date: 10/28/21 09:29
Re: Autumnal trams in Budapest
Author: 86235

4: Budapest transport authority (BKK) is buying new vehicles, such as these CAF Urbos
5: But nothing can beat riding in the Tatras. They accelerate like grease lightning and stop on a six-pence, an ideal tram.
6: Yet another pair on private RoW.

Date: 10/28/21 11:20
Re: Autumnal trams in Budapest
Author: Lackawanna484

Thank you for the pictures.  The interiors look extremely well maintained and clean.

Date: 10/28/21 11:38
Re: Autumnal trams in Budapest
Author: krm152

You really found some nice autumn urban scenes.
Thanks for your interesting posting.

Date: 10/28/21 23:10
Re: Autumnal trams in Budapest
Author: dwatry

What a great tram system!  Loved riding the Tartas when I was there.    Also the frequencies on the 4/6 lines along Erzsebet really show how many people you can move on a tram system with a traffic priority and right-of-way segregation. 

Date: 10/30/21 21:10
Re: Autumnal trams in Budapest
Author: gobbl3gook

Very nice!  

I spent a night in Budapest in 2019, but did not get out to see the city at all.  I did like the high frequency subway trains, though.  

Nice illustration of the excellent visibility from the interior, in photo 5.  

Location -- somewhere in here?  Google says the Pest side is the east side.  

For more map exploration, the Childrens Railway is featured prominently on the open railway map, a few kilometers west of the river, and running parallel to it.  (Lime-green squiggly line).  And is interesting to follow on Open Topo Map once you locate it on Open Railway Map.  There's a lolipop shape horseshoe curve, partly in a tunnel.  As a switchback coming down the face of a hill. Mountain railroading!  

Ted in OR

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