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Date: 11/17/21 20:04
Portugal steam 1980
Author: dwatry

Some random shots from a visit to Portugal in July 1980 - mostly steam but some additional.

1)  CP 0-4-4-0T in Regua in steam on the meter gauge line.   Regua is on the Douro River line and was a transfer point between the 5'6" gauge mainline and the meter gauge branchline. 
2)  Same.
3)  CP 0-6-0T moving around rthe yard. 

Date: 11/17/21 20:07
Re: Portugal steam 1980
Author: dwatry

4) CP 2-4-6-0T on the turntable whisker tracks at Regua - apparently dead on this day.
5)  Overview of turntable area at Regua and inactive engines, at least on this day.
6)  Eastbound passenger train on the mainline (broad gauge) line at Regua, with an English Electric 1400 class on the point. 

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Date: 11/17/21 20:15
Re: Portugal steam 1980
Author: dwatry

7)  Eastbound train at Regua on the mainline.  Not sure if this is same train as in prior photo. 
8)  Dual-gauge yard trackage at Regua - meter gauge and 5'6".
9)  Trolleycoach in Porto, which looks like it could be straight out of any British city in the 1950s.  However, I think this is a Lancia trolleycoach, but not sure if it was built under license from a British manufacturer, or what.  Anyone know?


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Date: 11/17/21 20:16
Re: Portugal steam 1980
Author: dwatry

10)  Rear shot of trolleycoach.

Date: 11/18/21 05:53
Re: Portugal steam 1980
Author: GPutz

Thanks for posting these.  Picture #4 is beautiful.  Gerry

Date: 11/18/21 12:26
Re: Portugal steam 1980
Author: 2-10-2

All I can think is "There's Port on them thar hills!" (or at least pre-Port grapes)
Great photos, amazing how many places still had steam holdouts hidden away.

Date: 11/19/21 08:53
Re: Portugal steam 1980
Author: caprr

BTW, if you check out Douro Valley train on Youtube, you will see these Class 1400 diesels are still going strong, pulling Schindler coaches from the late 1940s!


Date: 11/19/21 13:59
Re: Portugal steam 1980
Author: 86235

That must have been the last knockings of steam in the Duoro Valley. I visited Regua in summer 1981 and there was nothing :-(

The ride from Porto though, with the English Electric class 20 look-a-like 1400 class was just wonderful.

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Date: 11/21/21 09:16
Re: Portugal steam 1980
Author: Hartington

Porto trolleybus at Sandtoft museum (pdf)

Correct, Lancia chassis with a Dalfa body - details in the link.

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