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Date: 12/12/21 10:58
DB Germany Berlin nineteen-nineties
Author: petmew

In the nineties of the former century I visited Berlin a few times. I did the touristy things, but also tried and succeeded in photographing some trains. Fourteen pictures will follow.

1, 2 & 3 at Pankow-Heinersdorf. Some thirty years later, now there are only ruins left.


Date: 12/12/21 11:04
Re: DB Germany Berlin nineteen-nineties
Author: petmew

4 Very small and pretty small  In those black things you would eat grass seeds in the summer on tracks with not much weed control, because the floor had some openings...

5 Normal shunting vehicles. Ten years later I drove these 346 engines in the Netherlands. You could make a nice bed in those cabins.

6 Old in so many ways...

Date: 12/12/21 11:06
Re: DB Germany Berlin nineteen-nineties
Author: petmew

7, 8 and 9 Some random freight trains in Berlin.

Date: 12/12/21 11:17
Re: DB Germany Berlin nineteen-nineties
Author: petmew

In those days you could buy a ticked for DM25 and travel with five people a whole weekend in all local trains in Germany. From the Netherlands from Groningen with a change of trains in Leer, Braunschweig and Brandenburg it was doable in just one Saturday. And very cheap.

10 No, these posh 200 kmh / 125 mph trains were off limits. In former DDR territory speeds were mostly maximum 120 kmh in those days. Now the speeds are about 200 kmh to Hamburg, 250 kmh to Han(n)over and 300 kmh to the south. Many of the other passenger lines are upgraded to 160 kmh (100 mph) 

11 & 12 Now these were the trains you could travel in for only a few marks in the weekend.

Date: 12/12/21 11:22
Re: DB Germany Berlin nineteen-nineties
Author: petmew

13 Old S-Bahn trainsets.

14 Big Sowjet-Union diesel with a low Talgo hotel train set. If I remember correctly.

15 Thanks for watching. (Ted will know this: whenever you pause on your bicycle and some cows spot you, they will come and have a look!)

Date: 12/14/21 14:23
Re: DB Germany Berlin nineteen-nineties
Author: zars

Thank you for your photos.  I wondered what and how much former DR (East Germany) rail equipment was folded into the DB of the unified Germany.  I was there in 2015 and never saw any equipment like that. 

Date: 12/15/21 05:14
Re: DB Germany Berlin nineteen-nineties
Author: GPutz

Thank you for posting these interesting pictures.  I found a "Ludmilla" (232 calss) pulling a weed spraying train in Pinneberg in July of 2007.  Gerry

Date: 12/15/21 08:47
Re: DB Germany Berlin nineteen-nineties
Author: SOO6617

The class 143 and 155 electric locomotives were common all over Germany after DB and DRG merged. For example Class 155 were not uncommon on freights into Basel. Class 143 electrics hauled the Regional Express trains between Frankfurt and Koblenz. Some of both models have moved on to Open Access operators in Germany for freight service.

Date: 12/24/21 10:36
Re: DB Germany Berlin nineteen-nineties
Author: tq-07fan

Enjoyed the pictures of former DDR. I visited Germany in 2016 and came back in 2018 and attempted DDR immersion. As part of the second trip I rode the RB 22 from Königs Wusterhausen to Pottsdam via Golm and caught this somewhere before Schönefeld Flughafen. Both trips I also got pictures of Class 155s in DB and 143s in other liveries on freights. 

My picture is from April 23 2018, no other information known.


Date: 01/07/22 14:06
Re: DB Germany Berlin nineteen-nineties
Author: MEKoch

I rode those little rail busses in 1971 in rural Schleswig-Hostein.  They appeared to be very simple vehicles.  The driver sat up front and took care of the tickets.  We stopped at rural road crossings for people.  As we accelerated, the engineer was shifting into high gears, miuch like a bus transmission.  The ride with only four wheels was a bit stiff, but okay and interesting.  

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