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Date: 12/16/21 01:42
Former DR locomotives outside eastern Germany
Author: petmew

Some examples of former eastern Germany DR locomotives running outside their original territory in the nineteen-nineties.

1.  A class 143 in Münster with I guess a local train.

2. A class 112 in Schwerte=Heide with an InterRegio passenger express train. The class 112 is a bit different compared to the class 143. Operationally the most important is the Vmax of 160 km/h (~100 mph) for the 112 compared to 120 km/h (~75 mph) for the 143.

3 An old class 109 in Schwerte, sold to a private company.

Date: 12/16/21 02:07
Re: Former DR locomotives outside eastern Germany
Author: petmew

4. A class 234 (Vmax 140 km/h / ~85 mph) diesel-electric locomotive in the Netherlands. Because of track-work in Amersfoort the trains were re-routed over a partly diesel-only line and the Dutch railway NS arranged these German engines to haul the train Berlin-Amsterdam trains on the Dutch part of the route. 

5. A lot of former Eastern German V100 diesel locomotives were rebuilt in Stendal, some of which got Dutch train-safety systems and some ETCS too on board. Here you see 203 102 at Rotterdam Waalhaven Zuid, running for Shunter Tractie, now Alstom Traction. (This must be one of those shifts, where I started in one yard and end in another Rotterdam area yard, probably Rotterdam=IJsselmonde)

6. And of course a lot of former Eastern Germany rebuilt class 50.35 [Edit, deleted: "52.80"] locomotives spread over western Europe. This one was adopted for oil-firing and is seen here running for the Museum 'Vennbahn' in Trois-Ponts, Belgium. As far as I know, the Vennbahn is history now (it was a very scenic line, meandering the Belgium-German border), the locomotive is now in the Netherlands, with the VSM in Apeldoorn/Beekbergen.

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Date: 12/22/21 13:19
Re: Former DR locomotives outside eastern Germany
Author: kbs651

Hello Petmew,

the caption of the last picture shows an error. The loco shown is a 50.35 class. Apparently a little over 200 BR 50 were rebuilt into BR 50.35. The locos were rebuilt from the frame up, including the tender. The cab more or less stayed the same. The 52 class was a stripped down BR 50. Many locos of the BR 52 were rebuilt similarly to the BR 50, but basicallly only the boiler, turning them into 52.80. As with the BR 50 built later into the war the sheet metal used for fabrication of the boilers was of lesser quality and did not stand the test of time.



Date: 12/23/21 02:19
Re: Former DR locomotives outside eastern Germany
Author: petmew

Thanks kbs651, edited my mistake.

Picture 7 shows 52 8082 "Agnes" with the Dutch steam railway STAR. Black kettle, red wheels, what's more to tell...? ;-)


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