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European Railroad Discussion > Tram Tuesday: Naples in 1964

Date: 01/11/22 07:49
Tram Tuesday: Naples in 1964
Author: Steinzeit2

These two ATAN [ as it was then ] cars were running on the "waterfront" line, which still exists:
  -  417, from the 401 - 430 group built in 1935, the first "Peter Witt" [ a phrase the Italians also use ] class in Naples
  -  959, also from 1935-6, and somewhat modernized -- new front end, etc -- postwar

These are standard gauge cars as are most trams in Italy.  I believe this is the only tram photo I took in Naples, despite being in the city more than once;  I just was not enamoured of what one travel author referred to as its "third-world charm"......

Best, SZ

Date: 01/11/22 14:38
Re: Tram Tuesday: Naples in 1964
Author: 2-10-2

So cool!
And I think that's an early Triumph Spitfire adding some class to the "third world charm" of Naples

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