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European Railroad Discussion > Czech Republic, Part 7. Another fast-train meet

Date: 01/14/22 21:43
Czech Republic, Part 7. Another fast-train meet
Author: gobbl3gook

1) Fast trains meeting, #2.  Usti nad Orlici, CZ.

I tried to post this as part of #5, but it wouldn't upload.  Fixed now.

2)  Another express train rolling through.  

I was surprised to see so many express trains bypassing this town. Since it was a rail
junction and had a big station.  

3) Mystery bit from the station.  

Rail map of CZ. (Can't upload) 
from https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/25/Map_of_Czech_railways.gif

I was navigating using the Thomas Cook European Timetable app.  (Can't upload a screenshot, for whatever reason). 

Usti nad Orlici is between Prague (Praha) left-center, and Brno, lower right.  It's where the line bends from eastbound to southbound.  

see also

October 2019.  


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Date: 01/14/22 21:54
Re: Czech Republic, Part 7. Another fast-train meet
Author: gobbl3gook

Bonus pics, hospital-hostel in Brno

I like staying at hostels -- you meet other people, make friends, pay low rates,, and can cook your own meals.  

with the advent of apps like Hostelworld.com and bookings.com, you can easily choose which flavor of hostel you want, depending on your mood.  

* student hostel -- mostly long-term people, studying. 
* party hostel -- always games and drinking.  Not necessarily a good nights sleep 
* quiet hostels -- for the down-to-earth travelers who like to drink tea and everyone settles in at 19:00 pm 
* backpacker hostels -- mostly serious travelers.  Swap stories, learn about the road ahead.  

For Brno, I couldn't resist the Franz Kafka, a converted hospital where you slept in hospital beds.  



I stayed 3 nights there, met interesting people.  It still had a pretty strong fomaldehyde smell.  Echoey.  Showers were cold.  Met some nice women from Israel?  Jordan?  And a dullish Dutch dude.  

it may be shut down -- web site is up, but you can't book rooms.  It was about $14/night for a dorm bed, with breakfast.  

Ted in OR.  


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Date: 01/15/22 09:14
Re: Czech Republic, Part 7. Another fast-train meet
Author: King_Coal

Nice video. Well timed.

That hospital-hostel would give me the creeps!

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