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Date: 01/18/22 07:49
TT: Basle in 1966
Author: Steinzeit2

Here are three from Basel taken during a 1966 visit;  there should be more from this and other visits there in future TT's, the vagary of life permitting.....

1)  BVB 183, typical of the four wheel cars that at that time still formed a major portion of the fleet.  This car was built in 1927, and withdrawn in 1976;  many of these cars had been single-ended by then.

2)  BVB 303:  A one-off, this car dates from 1935;  the BVB wished to try out the middle-axle design of Walter Buchli of SLM [ more known for his electric locomotive drives ] on a motor car.  The BVB considered it a success, but by the time they reached that decision Swiss industry and undertakings had moved on to the four axle bogie car, Zürich 31-32 being another example.  The small diameter middle wheels carried minimal load,  they were there just for the radial steering.  This was incidentally the last wooden-bodied car built for the BVB;  it was retired in 1972.
   Notice the three axle trailer;  BVB had quite a number of these, beginning in 1933.

3)  BEB 9:  At that time the Birseckbahn was still a separate entity, BLT / Baselland Transport not being formed till circa 1974.  BEB cars 7 - 9 were built as two axle cars in Germany in 1920, and were rebuilt as three axle by SLM in 1934.  It was the newest car on the system until 1971, when the new articulated cars arrived;  it has been preserved.
    Its trailer was built in 1916-1920 by SWS as a two axle car;  they were lengthened and given a three axle undercarriage in 1946-50 by SLM.

Best regards, SZ

Date: 01/19/22 15:12
Re: TT: Basle in 1966
Author: rosenth

Thanks! Nice fotos from my hometown!  ×   

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