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Date: 07/04/22 22:47
Budapest Trams
Author: gbmott

I am currently having a non-railfan vacation in Europe, but you just can't help yourself at times.  Budapest has an extensive tram network which I used a lot.  Different models of trams seem very route-specific.  Here are the four types (continuing on next post) that I encountered.  While some are fairly old, all were clean and appeared well-maintained.  Budapest is a nice city.


Date: 07/04/22 23:02
Re: Budapest Trams
Author: gbmott

I had gone straight through from London to Budapest by train (about 24 hours) including the sleeping car train from Zurich to Budapest.  The MAV sleeping car was not the newest but very clean, quiet, and with a helpful attendant.  Had an excellent night's sleep and enjoyed the whole journey. 
I'm off to Slovenia today, home in a couple weeks where Mr. Brown has left some work for me.  

(next photo kindly rotated for me)



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Date: 07/04/22 23:15
Re: Budapest Trams
Author: railsmith

Photo rotated, as requested.

Date: 07/05/22 05:05
Re: Budapest Trams
Author: 86235

Very nice, thanks. Budapest's trams are a joy. Enjoy Slovenia.

Date: 07/05/22 11:54
Re: Budapest Trams
Author: mile250

Thank you for sharing. They look so much better without advertising on their sides.

Date: 07/05/22 12:40
Re: Budapest Trams
Author: gbmott

Here's a clean example of this class.  And yes, they do look much better.

Date: 07/05/22 20:59
Re: Budapest Trams
Author: ironmtn

Excellent set, Gordon. I am officially envious - I was to have gone on a trip like yours (different cities, mostly in Poland, with lots of tram-riding and -watching planned) when the pandemic raised its ugly head, and the trip was off. I was never able to put it back together again, so far at least.

Enjoy for yourself, please! (and a little bit for us, with such images). No hurry to get back. Mr. Brown can wait. And thanks for sharing these!


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Date: 07/17/22 10:15
Re: Budapest Trams
Author: jacquesd

Missed you by a day. I was there 5-8 July. Love the transit system - it seems to be very efficient.

Douglas Jacques
Sierra Vista, AZ

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