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Date: 11/01/22 13:35
Lisbon Trams
Author: 3rdboxcar

The number 28 tram is the busiest as it passes the most tourist sites but is still a nice ride through the narrow streets.
The old trams have pantographs so they can run along the Tram route 15 more reliably than using the pole to get to and from the barn and the city.
Variety of pics along the route.

Date: 11/01/22 13:37
Re: Lisbon Trams
Author: 3rdboxcar

Tram 28, note some of the ingenious track layouts.

Date: 11/01/22 13:39
Re: Lisbon Trams
Author: 3rdboxcar

More of tram route 28

Date: 11/01/22 13:40
Re: Lisbon Trams
Author: 3rdboxcar

More 28 and a couple of Metro shots.

Date: 11/01/22 14:49
Re: Lisbon Trams
Author: Lackawanna484

Great series, thank you

Date: 11/01/22 15:05
Re: Lisbon Trams
Author: 1019X

Great photos, what is the track gage of the trams?

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Date: 11/01/22 15:45
Re: Lisbon Trams
Author: gbmott

Meter Gauge.  Those are good shots of the trackwork necessitated by the narrow streets.  The trams are reasonably secure as no one builds anything even remotely close to this size that could replace them.  They are gutsy little things that climb some pretty impressive hills.  Route 28 attracts a lot of tourists but there are several other routes where these cars just provide essential public transportation.  A real throwback if you ever rode streetcars here back in the day.  Fun.

Date: 11/03/22 12:16
Re: Lisbon Trams
Author: 86235

Very nice, my partner and I were there back in 2014, it's a wonderful city and the trams just gild the lilly.

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