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Date: 03/18/23 08:10
St Patrick's Day - Day Late!
Author: dwatry

WP921 requested a photo of an Irish train for St Patrick's Day - here's one a day late!

 - northbound DART train in Blackrock in May, 2016, just south of Dublin.

Date: 03/18/23 16:53
Re: St Patrick's Day - Day Late!
Author: WP921

Thank you dwatry!  Very appropriate to post a green train from the Emerald Isle.  I like the framing of this as you can see the surrounding area and Dublin Bay (Irish Sea) off to the side.  Looks like a very well-groomed right-of-way.

Date: 03/18/23 18:13
Re: St Patrick's Day - Day Late!
Author: dwatry

Yes I thought the green would be appropriate!  I don't have any Irish heritage but have really enjoyed my 2 trips to Ireland (1980 and 2016).

Date: 03/19/23 06:24
Re: St Patrick's Day - Day Late!
Author: ShortlinesUSA

OK, two days late now, but hey-- still St. Patrick's Day weekend for those stretching out the celebration!  For the freight fans, here's an Irish Rail 201 Class working an intermodal train at the North Wall in Dublin on 21 July 2022.  This is the only time I have seen a 201 in my few visits to this spot, and their use in freight service seems somewhat limited from photos I've seen on the internet.  I felt quite lucky to catch this, and the paint scheme fits a little better for the occasion of this post.

Mike Derrick

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