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Date: 04/30/23 17:26
Modern Semaphores in Austria
Author: Ray_Murphy

In Austria, the railway sometimes uses an advance repeater signal showing the aspect of the next main signal the train will encounter. This is done in places where the view may be obscured (such as on curves) or where some other confusion needs to be avoided. The repeater signal displays a semaphore-like light pattern. Presumably it's a flat-panel LED display.

In the photo (a screenshot captured from a cab ride video), both the repeater signal and the associated main signal (in the distance) are showing a clear aspect, while the repeater on the left is showing "stop.".


Date: 05/03/23 07:01
Re: Modern Semaphores in Austria
Author: kurtarmbruster

This innovation would have been welcome by NP, GN, and UP crews running Tacoma-Portland, who complained that, on the CTC installed by NP in the late sixties, EVERY signal seemed to be on a curve or some other location of impaired vision!

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