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Date: 05/15/23 19:48
Baretable train British style
Author: erielackawanna

I'm sure someone is going to correct me because this is probably nothing like an American baretable, but that was what I assumed when this GB Railfreight Class 66 came to me at Peterborough on April 10 with what I think was an articulated container platform in tow. This train was listed as 4L13 Hams Hall to Felixstowe. I had gone to Peterborough in hope of getting a lot of freight, but being a bank holiday, this was the only one I saw moving.

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Date: 05/15/23 20:58
Re: Baretable train British style
Author: railstiesballast

Looks like a baretable to me.

Date: 05/15/23 22:10
Re: Baretable train British style
Author: SOO6617

On the British forums they call that a "Fresh Air Express"

Date: 05/16/23 04:25
Re: Baretable train British style
Author: 86235

Doesn't look like a regular intermodal train, loaded or just fresh air. On 10th April at mid day 66730 was at Peterborough unallocated, so I suspect it was moving some flats too or from repair. From the day's TOPS lists there wasn't a 4L13 on the 10th.

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