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European Railroad Discussion > Freight trains around Athens, Greece?

Date: 05/17/23 09:59
Freight trains around Athens, Greece?
Author: ShortlinesUSA

Good day.

Work will have me in Athens a couple of days next week with afternoons available to railfan. Freight is my main interest. I've looked around and can find info on an intermodal service but that's about it. Does any freight pass reasonably close to central Athens? I would be willing to take a train ride to an outlying station if needed.

I'm grateful to hear any info any of you may know about Athens. This will be my first time there.

Thank you,

Mike Derrick

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Date: 05/17/23 15:05
Re: Freight trains around Athens, Greece?
Author: Lackawanna484

The Athens metro map shows the three tram / light rail lines. Looks like one of them crosses a big rail yard btw Piraeus and Athens.


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Date: 05/21/23 16:13
Re: Freight trains around Athens, Greece?
Author: gobbl3gook

If you don't get clear info here, find the rail yards of www.openrailwaymap.org, then go to Google maps aerial photos to see if the yards are for freight traffic, intermodal, or passenger.  

Ted in UT

Date: 05/22/23 12:37
Re: Freight trains around Athens, Greece?
Author: ShortlinesUSA

Thank you both. Paul, that yard you mention is dormant, I believe. Looks like it's Renti, and the ORM map shows it in black with some red Xs, which I presume to mean closed.

Ted, thanks for kicking me to use ORM. Very helpful!

I did ask a couple of employees at the station near me (Larissa) if cargo trains use the line. Though the language barrier was a bit steep, both seemed to be concurring that cargo trains do use this particular line and can come through pretty much anytime on no set schedule.

I will likely spend the better part of Thursday afternoon camped out on the line for some photography.

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