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European Railroad Discussion > Genova-Casseli Railway / Genoa Italy Transit

Date: 05/17/23 13:30
Genova-Casseli Railway / Genoa Italy Transit
Author: inCHI

Has anyone ridden the Genova-Casseli railway in Genoa/Genova Italy? I don't see a mention of it in the search archives here. It's a curious discovery for me - a disconnected, semi-public transit narrow gauge railway in Genoa, Italy. On that note, Genoa's AMT transit service seems to have a range of offerings that has to be among the most unique of any transit agency (from wikipedia):

    1 metro line (the Genoa Metro)
    3 funiculars (the Zecca–Righi funicular, the Sant'Anna funicular and the Quezzi funicular)
    1 rack railway (the Principe–Granarolo rack railway)
    1 narrow gauge railway (the Genova–Casella railway)
    10 public lifts, one of which is the Ascensore Castello d'Albertis-Montegalletto
    146 urban bus lines
    1 trolleybus line
    1 water bus line


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