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European Railroad Discussion > DB Cargo UK 6M58 at Acton (my last shots from my UK trip)

Date: 05/17/23 18:01
DB Cargo UK 6M58 at Acton (my last shots from my UK trip)
Author: erielackawanna

And here are my absolute last rail images taken in Acton. The morning of April 12, 2023, my son, who lives in New York, had a flight back in the morning, while the rest of us where flying back to LA in the afternoon. He was all set to take the District Line from Queensway to the Elizabeth Line to Heathrow. I went along with him, figuring I'd make one last run at Acton. 

But when you plan the gods laugh at you. There was a fire at Queensway which somehow basically affected all sorts of rail lines in London. We hoofed it to Paddington where we were going to take the Elizabeth Line but it was running about 30 minutes late, with empty trains passing through the station one after another, not taking on passengers. We finally got an insanely crowded westbound (and he made his flight easily). I got off at Acton, where the platform was absolutely packed with commuters trying to get into London. 

The train tracking map app showed no freights anywhere and the prospect of getting back to London in a timely fashion to check out of the hotel was suddenly a worry. I grabbed these two shots of DB Cargo UK 6M58 and got on another crowded train back to London (which took a very very very long time to get to Paddington, sitting just outside of it for at least 20 minutes).

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