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European Railroad Discussion > Narvik at Night: Norway above the Arctic Circle

Date: 08/09/23 13:21
Narvik at Night: Norway above the Arctic Circle
Author: NMlurker

My goal for the evening of May 31st was to see how late I could take a train photograph as it would never get very dark that far north in almost June. To give you an idea of the weather, it had snowed in the afternoon as we crossed the mountains on the border of Sweden and Norway. It flurried during dinner in Narvik and it was generally cold, gray, and damp. I also wanted to see if I waited long enough if I could see one of the elusive intermodal/non-iron ore freights.

1. At 9:55 PM this Cargo Net freight behind a Railpool Traxx locomotive headed towards Sweden. This train originated at the port just south of Narvik called Fagernes. I call those first cars "boxcars" for lack of knowing the proper name. The light yellow building at center is the train station. There is an unused tower across the tracks from the station. The wonders of digital photography make things look brighter than they were.

2. The majority of the train was containers and trailers.

3. At 10:19 PM the exact mirror image of the prior train rolled into town behind another Cargo Net Railpool Traxx locomotive. Note the traces of snow on the front of the locomotive indicating that it was snowing in the mountains. Feeling cold and with no encouraging signals, I trudged back up the hill to the hotel to get some rest before the next day's railfan extravaganza on the iron ore line.

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