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Date: 08/18/23 13:43
The Nordlandsbanen (Norway)
Author: NMlurker

One of the longest routes in Norway is the Nordlandsbanen that runs from Bodø on the north coast above the Arctic Circle down to Trondheim. In addition to being scenic, it is notable for being non-electrified, rare in Norway and Europe in general. We boarded in Fauske and detrained in Verdal. The vintage locomotive was of obvious EMD parentage (by sound and radiator fans) and still bore the Norway State Railway (NSB) paint scheme.

1. In glorious sunshine, NSB Di 4 #655 rolls into Fauske with a five-car train of SJ Nord coaches. SJ Nord is the arm of SJ operating in Norway. This was train 472.

2. We met our counterpart train 471 at Dunderland. Kudos to the train manager that allowed the passengers off the train for, in my case, photos.

3. Built in 1980 and delivered in 1981, the Di 4, to me, has a very eastern European look to it but you knew there was an EMD hiding in there.

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Date: 08/18/23 13:50
Re: The Nordlandsbanan (Norway)
Author: NMlurker

4. Not certain, but I think we were in the siding.

5. More kudos to the train manager that let me (and I was the only one still out there) stay off the train until the actual meet allowing this shot of train 471 passing with Di 4 #652 and five-car train.

6. And this shot of the actual meet. I was a happy camper.

Date: 08/19/23 08:19
Re: The Nordlandsbanan (Norway)
Author: gaspeamtrak

Great pictures! Kudos to you and the train manager for letting this happen...:):):)

Date: 08/19/23 20:55
Re: The Nordlandsbanan (Norway)
Author: gobbl3gook

Nice photos.  I like the appearance of passenger cars that drop their cladding a little lower on the ends.  Dresses them up a bit.  


Ted in MN

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