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Date: 09/03/23 14:10
Off to Nuremberg
Author: 86235

I'm in Nuremberg for a few days before heading to the Tyrol for my nephew's wedding on Saturday.

Yesterday we rode Eurostar from London to Brussels, DB ICE 15 from Brussels to Frankfurt Aurport and ICE 2947 from there to Nuremberg.

It has to be said DB didn't cover themselves in glory on Saturday, ICE 15 was delayed between Aachen and Cologne by trespassers. But we needn't have worried because 2947 was even later! Initially shown as 10 minutes late at Frankfurt Airport it eventually showed up 26 late, and arrived in Nuremberg 36 minutes late. It was supposed to go on from Nuremberg to Ingoldstadt and Munich, but DB cancelled it instead!

ICE 15 at Duren, between Aachen and Cologne whilst we waited for the trespassers report to be investigated.

When I took this at 13:46 2947 was supposedly only 10 minutes late.

But here it is arriving in Frankfurt Airport 26 late!

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