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Date: 09/13/23 13:00
Some random pictures from Germany and Austria
Author: 86235

We got home on Sunday evening, flying from Munich to London. It was a splendid nine days culminating, last Saturday, with my nephew's wedding in Austria.

Here are a few more random pictures

1: On the first weekend of the month the Nuremberg transport authority (VGN) open their historic tram depot and operate a heritage tram route. On Sunday 3rd September a tram and trailer approach the Doku Zentrum stop.

2: In Gotha a Tatra KT4D on a no.2 Hauptbahnhof to Ostbahnhof leaving the Hauptbahnhof

3: Whilst we were waiting on Gotha Hbf for our Abellio Rail Mitteldeutschland operated local train to Erfurt these class 612 tilting DMUs on an RE service to Göttingen pulled in.

Date: 09/13/23 13:17
Re: Some random pictures from Germany and Austria
Author: 86235

4: At Bamberg an Akiem Traxx class 187 on a southbound intermodal.
5: A few days later we were changing trains at Steinach, where I caught this Metrans F140MS Traxx on another intermodal.
6: Also taken at Steinach, a northbound tank train behind a DB 185.

Date: 09/13/23 13:35
Re: Some random pictures from Germany and Austria
Author: 86235

7: Looking down from our hotel on the hillside above Schwaz in the Tirol, the SBB/OBB Transalpin from Zurich to Graz behind an OBB Class 1216.

8: On Sunday we were at Jenbach for the 11:02 EC286 to Munich. The 750 mm Zillertalbahn runs a daily steam service to Mayrhofen. It leaves at 10:43. No.3 Tirol was built by Krauss of Linz in 1902.

9: And here's the 11:00 EC to Innsbruck

Date: 09/13/23 22:14
Re: Some random pictures from Germany and Austria
Author: gobbl3gook

Nice photos!  

The aerial photo of the train in the fields intrigues me.  

I found the location on this road in Google StreetView, but it seems you are much higher.  

Looking around, I found a hotel with the vantage point.  

You must have had a very long lens, on a clear day.  

Here is the view from the tracks, looking southwest to your hotel. 

The geographic term here is "prominance" -- how high above the surrounding countryside is a given peak/ridge/bluff.  

There should be another geographic term to reference here -- what is the angle or slope, looking up or down, between the high elevation to low.  

In the Alps, there are many places like this, with really steep valley walls, and a steel slope/steep angle from the high vantage points down to the valley floor.  

Some places in the US have this.  Yosemite Valley, with its nearly vertical walls.  The view from the American River from the train at Cape Horn or to overlook a few miles up the grade.  But not a lot of places.  The Canadian Rockies and Canadian Coast Range offer more of the broad glacial valleys, with flat bottoms and steep sides.  But they don't have cities, towns, fields and busy rail lines like so many of the Alpen valleys have.  

Very interesting!  

Ted in OR

Hotel site and valley photo location site on opentopomap


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Date: 09/13/23 23:33
Re: Some random pictures from Germany and Austria
Author: 86235

FWIW we were in the Hotel Freidan in Pill. The picture was taken with my 120mm lens from the car park of the Kellerjoch chair-lift, which is the end of the road

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