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European Railroad Discussion > Slam door EMUs on the Southern in the 1980s & 90s

Date: 02/29/24 09:56
Slam door EMUs on the Southern in the 1980s & 90s
Author: 86235

The Southern Region of BR had a large fleet of mainline EMUs based on the Mk1 carriage bodyshell. They were an infuriating mixture of ancient and modern, the Mk1 bodyshell was obsolete by the mid 1960s, but York kept turning out Mk 1 units for the Southern until the early 1970s. Air conditioning for ordinary non-premium fare passengers became a reality in the early 1970s on the Eastern, Western and London Midland regions, but not the Southern. On the other hand they were extraordinarily reliable, all using the same tried and tested English Electric traction motors and control systems. And as an EMU they could work in multiple with the class 33 diesel and class 73 electro-diesel, making them very versatile. Here are some shots I took in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Although they all had a three number TOPS class code they were better known by their Southern Railway derived classification - a number and three letters. The number indicating the no. of cars in the unit, the three letters giving some indication of use and brake type.

1: In June 1984 a 4BEP (Buffet, Electro-Pneumatic) leading a 4CIG (Corridor Brighton - IG being the telegraphic code for Brighton pre-1923) through Surbiton in SW London. The 4CEPs (Corridor, Electro Pneumatic) and 4BEPs were originally built in the mid and late 1950s for the Kent Coast Electrification scheme, but by 1984 the BEPs had migrated to services between London and Portsmouth. This is a Portsmouth Harbour to Waterloo fast service (headcode 81).

2: Hastings in December 1984, one electric service and two Southern DMUs. Being the Southern they had to have diesel electric DMUs, and they had to look like the EMUs. On the right is a class 205 (3H) on a local service from Ashford via Rye. On the left is one of six car class 202 DEMU (6L) on a Hastings to Charing X service. The line south from Tonbridge to Bo-Peep Junction ( just outside Hastings) was only electrified in 1986, because of clearance issues in a number of tunnels. Until then these extraordinarily plain jane slab sided DEMUs ran the service. In the middle a 4BIG / 4CIG formation is leaving for Eastbourne and London Victoria. A BIG being a CIG with a buffet car.

3: In 1986 the Tonbridge to Hastings line was electrified and a dedicated sub-fleet of 4CEPS were adorned with this. 1066 is an important date in English history, and the railway happens to go through the town of Battle where the Normans defeated the Anglo-Saxons in 1066.

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Date: 02/29/24 10:16
Re: Slam door EMUs on the Southern in the 1980s & 90s
Author: 86235

4: October 24th 1987 was Network Day, I think you could go anywhere on Network Southeast for a flat £5. I'm at Waterloo watching a semi-fast from Bournemouth (headcode 92) arrive as a 4VEP (Vestibule, Electro Pneumatic) leave on a Windsor Line service. The 92 consists of a 4REP (Restaurant, Electro Pneumatic) and a pair of 4TCs. One of the REP motor cars has been removed and a class 73 Electro diesel substituted. At the time the REPs were donating their motors and control gear to the new Mk3 class 442 EMUs, with 73s taking their place (both a REP motor car and a class 73 had the same four 400 hp EE traction motors).

5: On the 1066 route a pair of 4CEPs in pre-Network Southeast Jaffa Cake livery arriving in Crowhurst, the last but one stop before Hastings is reached.

6: August 1990, a CIG/BIG/CIG formation on a Bognor Regis service approaching Gatwick Airport.

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Date: 02/29/24 11:06
Re: Slam door EMUs on the Southern in the 1980s & 90s
Author: railsmith

Excellent variety of types and locations -- thanks for your selections.

Date: 02/29/24 18:13
Re: Slam door EMUs on the Southern in the 1980s & 90s
Author: dwatry

Nick - very nice photos!

Date: 03/04/24 07:56
Re: Slam door EMUs on the Southern in the 1980s & 90s
Author: texchief1

Nice series for sure!


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