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Date: 04/11/24 11:34
Switzerland's gauge-changing Golden Pass Express
Author: Frank30

May "Trains" magazine has a fascinating story on Switzerland's Montreux Oberland Bernois (MOB) 
gauge changing railroad.  Seems there are a number of  "name" trains, ie:The Chocolate Train,
The Cheese Train,  each having the need to change gauge mid-trip, in some cases 17" difference.
All for the comfort of the passengers not having to change trains multiple times during the ride.
They have devised  6 wheel locomotive trucks having 2 fixed bolsters perpendicular to the wheels
and tracks that  are able to change  gauge by independently moving the wheels in or out  and at the same time  
moving the body up or down for different platform heights, and changing operating voltage AND  all
of this while still moving along the tracks without stopping.    Trains has devoted 10 pages with 19
photos and maps.  I've read the story a number of times, if I had the money, I'd jump on a plane
right now to see this in person.  Worth picking up a copy of May "Trains".
Frank 30 (Boston) 

Date: 04/11/24 12:54
Re: Switzerland's gauge-changing Golden Pass Express
Author: 86235

The only MOB trains that actually change gauge are the four daily Golden Pass Expresses, which run between Montreux and Interlaken. All other MOB trains from Montreux terminate at Zweisimmen, where there's a cross platform connection with the standard gauge BLS railway. Incidentally the MOB serves some of the classiest places in Switzerland.

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Date: 04/12/24 15:11
Re: Switzerland's gauge-changing Golden Pass Express
Author: rosenth

I've ridden the train last autumn (I was visiting the Chalet of Caude Nobs, founder of the Montreux Jazz Festival and an avid model traon collector). The gauge change taking place in Zweisimmen is just amazing. The train passes at about 5-7 M/h over the gauge changer. As a passenger it's barely noticable. Anazin technology...

Date: 04/17/24 15:56
Re: Switzerland's gauge-changing Golden Pass Express
Author: gobbl3gook

Frank30 -- Condor airlines flies nonstop Boston to Frankfurt for ~$350 round trip.  Easy hop down to Zurich and the Alps from the Frankfurt Airport train station.  Take regional trains, rather than high speed rail, if you are on a budget.  (Better scenery, too) 

Find good hostels at hostelworld.com.  Cook your own food, make sandwiches for lunch. Meet other travelers.  

Totally doable.  

Cost shouldn't be a reason to not see these operations yourself.  

Photo from 2015, when I bicycled across the Alps and also rode a few trains.  

PSA from Ted in OR

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