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Date: 06/28/24 05:25
Depot Friday -Soulac Fr.
Author: WrongWayMurphy

Located in northwest France, this coastal town is on a dead end line that ends about 10 miles away in a port.
I located a schedule and we waited for a train that didn't arrive, come to find out the schedule posted in
the depot hadn't been updated in months and the train wasn't due for another hour.  The station agent
wasn't much help because she speaks French and I speak Texan

The lovely Mrs Murphy seen in pic 3 had had enough so all I got was this empty track.  We've been 
married 44 years and I am still head over heels for this woman.

I couldn't find out much about this location as far as its history, but I have to think this place was bustling
during both WW1 and WW2.

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Date: 06/29/24 19:40
Re: Depot Friday -Soulac Fr.
Author: DKay

Wondered where you had been. Safe travels. 
Nice pics. 

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