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Date: 03/20/17 16:31
New Brakeman
Author: starsandbars

A Engineer friend of mine from Cheyenne tells this story 

It happens in the 80s the railroad had just hired a bunch of new hires.

We were heading west my Conductor had a student Conductor, we had stopped in Rawlins to take on fuel and the Conductor got off and went into the yard office and left his student with me big mistake.
The kid was in his early twenties he look over at me and asked what was the club like in Green River ? For those not formal training in railroad slang it means motel or railroad owned property.
I told him it was nothing like the one here in Rawlins it was a large motel 4 big building he says ok.
Then it hits me it must be his first train ride so I tell him you do know that if it's your first time you have to stay with your Conductor.
His eye get really big he says what! I say I know, he says that sick I said they have had to many new guys getting lost and plus its the railroad there cheap.
He ask me if they have two bed in each room I said no just one big one, he says that's fuckup and twisted I said I am sorry but only take a couple of guys to screw up for everyone.
Then I tell him one word of caution the Conductor your working with they don't call him Chester the molester for nothing.
He then tell if he touch me I'll kill him by is point I have to turn away from him to keep a straight face.
The Conductor gets back on board and we head on to Green River I thought the kid would have said something to the Conductor but no.
We get Green River at the motel to get our rooms the Conductor first in line the kids next but he never ask for a room I can't believed this going to be good I told the gal I'll be back I have to see this.
The kid is following the Conductor just talking away as the Conductor reaches his room and opens the door the kid walks in the Conductor room what the hell are you doing! The kid says the Engineer said that I had to stay with you my first trip the next thing I heard was Conductor go get your own fucking room Ill take care of that Engineer tomorrow.
By this time I had tears rolling down my checks!
The next morning when we got called when walked in the yard office the Conductor and Student both said f*** You ,as if they had stayed up all night practice all night long I said WHAT.
My Conductor told me that was the best joke anyone had play on him and after that any time I was in the yard office and it was full he tell the guys what I had done.

Date: 03/20/17 17:42
Re: New Brakeman
Author: Railbaron

That was absolutely hilarious - awesome story!!!

Date: 03/20/17 18:11
Re: New Brakeman
Author: dcfbalcoS1

That funny. I laugh.

Date: 03/20/17 19:48
Re: New Brakeman
Author: MW810

True story. I've heard it from that engineer.

I've attempted similar but not as eleborate shinagaigans on my students.

Little harder to do with the non-company hotels though.

Date: 03/20/17 21:24
Re: New Brakeman
Author: x6924w

Starsandbars- did you stay on the side away from the tracks at GR or on the side towards the tracks? My first trip there I was told make sure to get a room on the opposite side-but always had one on the track side so I could peek out my window at the parade going by.

Date: 03/21/17 05:05
Re: New Brakeman
Author: starsandbars

I actullay lived in a house behind the green river depot

Date: 03/22/17 08:25
Re: New Brakeman
Author: Fredo

This is a great story. It sounds like something that I would have done.

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