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Date: 03/20/17 16:32
The blind Engineer
Author: starsandbars

I thought I share a funny one with you. As I was called last spring head to Green River I was taking a old ski pole with me I use it to hunt for arrowheads on my layovers.
I use it to flip rocks out of the ground so I don't have to keep bending over every few minutes.
Anyway the color is totally white when our train came in I told my Conductor to play along, I wanted to see the reaction of the inbound crew, as I pretended to be blind.
I swung it back and forth as I walked the path ahead I could see the Inbound Conductor pointing me out to his Engineer the look on his face was priceless.
As they got off the train they stood there in front of us as I held on to my Conductor shoulder. Engineer ask who is running and my Conductor replied well he is the guy jaw dropped.
He says ok not sure what to think as they walk off I could hardly hold it together they stopped and watched as my Conductor helped me aboard the train.
As we departed they had several crew members watch out the windows pointing us out as we started to pull.
I don't know what was said in the crew room but I would love to have known.

Date: 03/20/17 23:18
Re: The blind Engineer
Author: wa4umr

Love it!  There is a local guy that does some pranks and a few of the are done as a blind man.  Search for "Tom Mabe" on You tube to find them.  


BTW, I'd loved to have heard the crew room discussion also.


Date: 03/21/17 17:42
Re: The blind Engineer
Author: PHall

You try that stuff today and EEO would have you fired and off the property in record time.
There's just no sense of humour anymore.

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