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Date: 04/01/17 11:26
Knuckle Pin
Author: starsandbars

I finally found out what Engineer was putting this out to the new hires 30 years later 

He posted : 

Must have for all new hires?I use to tell new hires they need to go in and see there Manger.
As they always had things to make there job easier to do.
1. K.P.S Railroad slang for knuckle pin slings knuckle pins are what hold the knuckle in place between the cars witch hold the cars together.
Knuckle pins are really big
2. K.P.C Knuckle pin condoms they look just like a mans condom but they are lubricant is on the in side so they slip over the knuckle pin, it will slip into the knuckle easily.
As over the year I have seen meany time when we have ran over Cows, Deer, Even a Rabbits they will jump up and hit those pins and they will fly out and they are hard to find in the dark.
I know they never told you anything about this in your training but it on the job training that counts.
One guy ask we're do we keep the spare pins I told him in back cabinets in the Locomotive.As I told them the Mangers don't like giving them out but be persistent about it they will tell you there are no such thing don't believe them keep asking tell you get what after.
As they had to meany guy trying them out on there selfs but believe me they make your job a lot easier.
Ask for two of each as they are great party novelty, you can tell your friend that you have to have them made just for you.
The strap is adjustable so it looks like it is were it needs to be and the size of the condoms absolutely knock there shocks off. 
Just tell you friend the K.P.C stands for King pin condoms and they only make them for only the gifted.

Date: 04/02/17 10:19
Re: Knuckle Pin
Author: dcfbalcoS1

           This is expressly why trainorders had to be read to the person recieving them and then read back so there ( their or they're ) were no misunderstandings and engine numbers and times were spelled out and then corrected if need be.

Date: 04/02/17 20:02
Re: Knuckle Pin
Author: ExSPCondr

Yes, and they didn't have spell check then either!

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