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Railroaders' Nostalgia > I told him no!

Date: 08/07/18 05:44
I told him no!
Author: atsfer

Once during the rut, when the deer are breeding in the fall, a crew saw a buck get a real learning experience.   The train was rolling east into Kansas City at night rolling along at 60mph rounding curves when ahead of them, a lone doe came out of the ditch and crossed the tracks.  Behind her, was another doe and right behind that doe was a buck who had his nose right where it shouldn't be.   The second doe starts across the tracks and just as she get over the rails, she stops, and centers the boyfriend right between the rails.   He is totally oblivious to everything except what is right in front of him, and we don't even concern him at all.  The doe pauses about two seconds and then starts ahead, but that was all it took for the train to close another 160 feet and it took out the boyfriend with the snowplow.    I envisioned the does in the ditch laughing and planning to go find another sucker, and the conductor with a cigar stub in his mouth looks over at me and says "there's a lesson there  for both of us there son."

Date: 08/07/18 18:51
Re: I told him no!
Author: twjurgens


Date: 08/18/18 05:41
Re: I told him no!
Author: Roadbed

There's some good wisdom being shared here. Well done!

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